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I am able to present Internet safety sessions in a variety of ways and to different audiences. Each session will address the specific needs of the age group. I will work with you to ensure particular requirements the school have. The materials I use include the latest output from the main Internet safety agencies such as CEOP and Childnet. 


When dealing with Internet Safety, there are three main audiences

Young People

Age appropriate lessons

Children experience the online world in different ways and at different ages. It is important that any lesson or assembly is relevant and enjoyable.


I have a range of lessons and workshops based on the age of the children. I am able to work with all year groups, from early years all the way to 6th form.


Lessons can be individual classes or whole year groups.


Please download the following documents which will give you full details of what I can do for each year group.


In school, most pupils have access to the internet and their ability to communicate is well managed supervised. However, this supervision and control is not there when they use their home machines or mobile devices. 


Many parents are increasingly worried about what their children are up to and due to an ignorance of the subject they have a fear of talking about it as they would not be in control of the discussion and can be easily bamboozled by the arguments of their children. 



Unless they are directly involved with Internet safety or ICT, many teachers are just as unaware of the risks that children, as well as themselves, can face. 


The aim of this education is to bring them up to speed with the safety issues to empower them to have meaningful discussions with their pupils.



Teachers can also be particularly vulnerable due to their public position so I advise them about what measures they can take to keep safe themselves. 


The documents below will give more information.

Information sheet for Schools - England and Wales
Paul Hay Information Sheet for Schools F[...]
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Information Sheet for Schools - Scotland
Paul Hay Information Sheet for Schools S[...]
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