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Our children will never know a world without the Internet. I am able to help schools and other child organisations deliver lessons on the safe use of the Internet. 


Our children are the first generation to be born into this new world, which also means that we, as parents, carers and educators are the first to have to guide them. Many of us have not had the benefit of using the same programs and apps in our daily lives. Increasingly, parents are turning to their child's school to provide the insight. However, it is just as new to teachers so I can provide the knowledge, guidance and experience to help.


I present tailored content to pupils of all ages and to parents as well as educating teachers to feel confident to pass on the messages themselves. During the past fourteen years I have had the pleasure of training over 130,000 people, young and old.

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I welcome the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have concerning Internet Safety or enquiries regarding what I can do to help you.


Call Me  on    07832 933306    or           eMail Me : paul.hay@pclstraining.com

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